James is an Executive and Personal Coach

I worked for over 20 years in the financial services industry where I managed teams of up to 25 people. I retrained in 2011 and started a new line of work in the charity sector as COO of a small organisation called the Egmont Trust that supports projects developed by selected partners in sub-Saharan Africa, combating the impact of HIV&AIDS on the local communities.

As a coach my approach is informed by both these experiences of work and I aim to deliver practical solutions for my clients based around goals that they set for themselves. There are two key elements underpinning my approach, the core tenets and models from NLP and a narrative dynamic which recognises that humans communicate most readily through stories and that we can change the story that we tell about ourselves.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds across the corporate and the financial sectors and the non-profit and NGO arena.

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