Coaching Mastery 2017 Module 1

Coaching Mastery 2017 Module 1

Held on 13th, 14th & 15th September 2017

Our favourite course is back up and running! The first module of the six month long 2017 course got underway at Sipala this week with eight delegates getting to know each other and beginning the journey towards their coaching qualification. There are four further modules plus two days of integration to demonstrate proficiency. The course is being run by Catherine Doherty and Jill Savage of Fields of Learning.

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Storytelling for Facilitators

Held at Sipala on 10th April 2017

The delegates who attended Chris Smith's Storytelling workshop thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained new skills to bring to their work as facilitators and coaches.

This is what one of the delegates said afterwards: "This is what one of the delegates said afterwards: "I have already discussed how to integrate the Plot matrix and the understanding/feeling/doing triangle into our course!  So application already underway!  Was such a deep and valuable set of learnings!"

Why Story?

Whatever a group’s purpose, story-skills can provide a great set of techniques to engage, energise and creatively explore themes, issues and processes with which the group is concerned. Whether in the realm of fact, fiction or fantasy, story-skills allow a group to explore story-sharing, inventing and learning from the stories themselves.

What did the workshop entail?

In this workshop we explored the single story idea – the plot matrix - as an integrative tool for working with story in groups. Using the matrix we investigated how to:

-       Create playful icebreakers / story making games

-       Build confidence and skill in the telling of stories

-       Listen constructively to the stories of others and give feedback

-       Create, develop and explore one’s own spontaneous stories

-       Evoke stories relevant to a given theme/ group/ situation

-       Investigate how stories provide new insights and learnings

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Pizza Making Workshop & Party

Pizza Making Workshop & Party

On December 9th we hosted a custom designed Pizza-making workshop for local accountants Essendon which also doubled as their Christmas party. Our former baker son Josh led the pizza making and all the eleven guests got right spirit of it and made some great pizzas which they enjoyed along with games and marshmallow roasting over the fire pit. We loved hosting the team and would be keen to run similar evenings for other local organisations. 

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