Dr Brian Marien on Building Resilience and Psychological Wellbeing

Held on Thursday 8th October 2015

We welcomed Brian to Sipala for a fascinating workshop focusing on a critical area for coaches and leaders. The day provided an evidence-based approach to building psychological resilience. It outlined relevant insights drawing on the latest advances in neuroscience, medicine, cognitive, behavioural and social psychology. 

“So what?” - we spent time discussing the relevance of psychological wellbeing, highlighting its powerful impact on the performance of individuals and teams - the real world applications.

We also looked at the impact of psychological wellbeing on physical health, how it impacts on wide range of neuro-chemicals and neurotransmitters. Psychological states change endocrine and immune function with major implications for our physical health, morbidity and mortality.

Behaviour change – recognising the potent impact of psychological wellbeing on human behaviour and how our mood states and emotions have a potent influence on how we behave, and strongly influence how we relate to, and communicate with, others. Our behaviour can also have major implications for those we work with – ‘emotional contagion’.

The final section addressed the ‘risk factors’ and the ‘protective factors’ around psychological health, the things that we know can improve psychological wellbeing. We looked at how we can help people to stay well and/or recover from distressing life events, set-backs or periods of intense pressure.

Here is a clip of Brian talking with Catherine about the content of the day.