Arcus Youth Coaching Pilot

Jacqui Fairbrass and Sue Macmillan held a pilot day for their new Youth Coaching venture, called the Arcus Programme. This aims to equip young people, leaving school and university with skills for entering the world of work.
Nine delegates came and engaged in psychometric testing, career suitability and interview practice. The group exercises featured metaprogrammes, job hunting techniques, and CV workshops.

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Here is some of the feedback received:

*** I learnt a lot about myself that I was previously unaware of. I have never done a personalty profiling test before and the self awareness gained is invaluable. Also I realised just how bare my CV is and that it would not make it past most employers. This has made me rewrite and reword my CV. Overall it has given me a greater self awareness of myself and therefore a greater confidence when applying for jobs. ***

*** My pledge to myself is to get some good work experience before I go travelling. I have signed up to a recruitment agency and have applied for a few short term internships online. ***

*** "The Arcus programme has given me the confidence and the fundamental tools to kick on and pursue the career that I want to do." ***