Coaching Mastery thoughts on narrative

Sue has really enjoyed taking on the narrative strand of this Coaching Mastery course this year. Her own live performance storytelling has been developing as well; she likes nothing better than taking a story that speaks to her and then crafting it into something that can hopefully speak to others. Combining these skills and those she has developed in her hospice work and narrative therapy she is in the process of devising 2 full day workshops. 

1.“Our lives are storied - A Narrative Approach to Coaching” looking at the neuroscience that supports this and accompanying coaching tools, as well as exercises in how to tell a story well. 

2. “Storytelling for leaders” looking at the neuroscience that supports this, the use of metaphor, short stories and personal stories in organisations and beyond. How to tell a story well, that gets your message across in a memorable way, that inspires action and cohesion behind a common goal. 

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