Gina Lawrie - Non-violent Communication Course

Held on Friday 22nd March, 2013

Gina ran a day's workshop in Non Violent Communication at Sipala. She brought a wealth of experience including that of working with Marshall Rosenberg and his approach to non violent communication visiting the 4 basic areas of observation, feelings, needs and requests. With Gina we visited this area in more detail - looking at the 13 step dance. It is a way of working where your intention is to make a connection rather than a judgement. Beginning with the Jackal cafe where your judging and blaming can be heard, from here there is the dance with your inner connection with self and the search for your needs. Once you have this you can step out to the outer connection with the other where you second position their needs as well as your own in a conversation that leads to a request. 

This offers a way of staying connected to the humanity of ourselves and others while communicating. This is particularly useful when dealing with conflict - so that people are heard and understood leading to an increased clarity and an ability to move forward where needs and values on both sides are respected.

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