Sue on storytelling:

Why do stories matter so much?

“Everybody is a story. Everybody’s story matters; our true identity, who we are, why we are here, what sustains us is in this story.” Reman

Story is a crucial, perhaps even the primary means by which we make sense of our lived experience. Story is the oldest and most human form of communication we have and I believe when used well is the most powerful. We are constantly telling and retelling stories, to others and to ourselves about what we know and what we imagine to be going on around us and within us. Stories are woven into the fabric of our lives: they shape our sense of self, our sense of belonging to community and our sense of how the world works. We use story to make meaning for ourselves, to help create our identity whether personal or organisational.

Critically for organisational life, and of enormous importance for organisational leaders, stories are laden with implicit value-judgements. The culture of an organisation is both reflected in and shaped by the stories that are told.

Your story is important, it matters and how you tell it can make all the difference. A story can be motivational it can enable personal and organizational change. Stories can be truly inspirational and its these human stories, individual and communal that draw people to them; they want to be part of the ongoing story - this is where their power lies. 

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